Parents: You are welcome to drop off your child or stay. Those staying are welcome to sit in on any lesson. 

Tuition: Tuition is pre-paid monthly and is due at the first lesson of the month. Materials provided will be added to the following month’s tuition invoice.

Payment: Checks, Square cash or credit cards. No cash payments are accepted.

Late Fee: Payment not received by the first lesson of the month will incur a late fee of $15.00. If payment for the month is not received by the second week of the month, lessons will be suspended and the lesson time will not be held. When payment is received, lessons will be rescheduled in current openings.

Refunds: While there are certain situations where I may offer a credit, in most cases, no refunds or credits will be given for missed lessons during the regular school year.

Missed Lessons: With advance notice, students missing due to sickness may schedule a makeup lesson. Only one makeup lesson per month may be scheduled. If openings are available, I may offer a makeup lesson for students missing for reasons other than sickness. To be made up, notification must be provided at least 2 days in advance, with the exception of sickness or family emergencies. If a rescheduled lesson is missed, no other makeup lesson is available. If a lesson is missed without advance notice no makeup lesson may be scheduled. If I need to cancel a lesson, a makeup lesson or credit will be provided.

Sickness: If a student is sick, and especially, if contagious, please contact me as soon as possible to reschedule.

Practice: Arrange daily practice sessions of 30-60 or more minutes. If practice is not possible certain days, arrange for a 10 minute review of all assigned pieces.

Instruments: Practice instruments must be provided for all students. Please keep in mind that the better the practice instrument, the greater the progress can be.

Performances: I schedule two or three recitals each year and offer other performance opportunities.

Vacations: I do not schedule lessons over the Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and July 4. I teach on all other holidays and school in-service days.

Summer Tuition: Tuition is charged only for lessons scheduled. Times are flexible.

Ensembles: In the summer, students taking lessons may participate in an ensemble. Students of other teachers are welcome to participate in an ensemble as long as they are taking private lessons from their teacher.

Teacher Absence: At times, I will be away for conferences or other events. No lesson fee will be charged for those dates. Students may also choose to make up their lesson.