Giving the Gift of Music

Piano and Guitar Lessons


WE ALL enjoy music. Learning to read and perform the music you love adds a deeper dimension to your life and those around you. It is also one of the most long-lasting, and important gifts a parent can give to their child.

Learning to pay an instrument needs no other justification than the joy it brings to the performer and listener. It provides beauty, contentment, satisfaction, and the joy of sharing. Yet, while we need no further reasons to pursue music and give music training to children, it does provide other, life-long benefits as well.

Studies consistently show a relationship between music instruction and improved reading, verbal, and mathematic abilities in school children. It also contributes significantly to self-esteem and confidence. And, my personal favorite, it helps students see the value and result of focused practice. It allows students to enjoy the benefits of self-discipline, work and commitment.

Enjoying a recital.

I follow a classical curriculum for both piano and guitar. Materials are chosen to match the child’s age and personality, and meet specific needs in his or her progress.

Frequent performance makes it more enjoyable to share beautiful music.